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Johns Hopkins Safety Policies

Click on the links below to view the list of policies that can be found in each section.  Each policy can be opened and printed individually.

Safety Responsibilities | Safety Policies | Research Labs and Environment of Care® | Fire Safety | Biological Safety | Airborne Pathogen Control Program | Chemical Safety | Laboratory Safety | Radiation Safety

Section I - Safety Responsibilities: HSE 001

HSE 001Safety Responsibilities and Organizational Information

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Section II - Safety Policies: HSE 002 through HSE 043H

HSE 002No Smoking Policy
HSE 003Pre-Placement Assessment and Immunization
HSE 004Incident and Injury Reporting
HSE 006Protective Devices for Health Care Workers
HSE 007Use of Protective Eye and Face Equipment
HSE 008Respiratory Protection Program
HSE 008AHSE 008 Addendum A: Respiratory Protection Devices
HSE 008B

HSE 008 Addendum B: Respiratory Protection Devices

HSE 009Clinical Equipment
HSE 010Non-Clinical, Patient-Contact Electrical Equipment in JHH
HSE 011Power Distribution and Non-Clinical Equipment
HSE 012Building Mechanical Systems
HSE 013

Use of Adaptors, Power Strips, and Extension Cords

HSE 014Hot Water Temperatures
HSE 015Microwave Ovens
HSE 016Portable/Hand-Held Radio Frequency Transmitters
HSE 017Use of Portable Comfort Heaters
HSE 018Compressed Gas Cylinders
HSE 020Permit-Required Confined Space Entry
HSE 021Pest Control
HSE 023Disposal of Glass
HSE 024Disposal of Sharps and Medical Waste
HSE 025Access to Restricted Areas
HSE 026Means of Egress
HSE 027Decorations
HSE 028Emergency Preparedness in JHH
HSE 031Handling of Hazardous Drugs
HSE 032Latex Balloons
HSE 033Vaccinia Virus and Other Poxviruses
HSE 034Animal User Policy
HSE 035Hazard Assessment Program
HSE 036Fume Hood Outages and Repair
HSE 037Emergency Equipment:  Eye Wash, Drenching Hose And Shower Equipment
HSE 038Fall Protection Program
HSE 039Hot Work Permits
HSE 040Lockout/Tagout
HSE 041Building Evacuation Due to Non-Fire Emergent Event in Johns Hopkins University Non-Patient Care Buildings
HSE 042Powered Industrial Trucks
HSE 043H (retired)Safe Patient Lifting and Moving (Hospital) / Refer to the Following JHH Policy Instead
HSE 044Death of JHI Employee at JHI Worksite
HSE 045Admission of JHI Employees to the Hospital
HSE 046Cryogenic Liquids
HSE 047Machine Shop Safety in Academic Departments
HSE 048

Mandatory Influenza Vaccination

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Section III - Research Labs and Environment of Care®: HSE 302 through HSE 314

HSE 302Items Reviewed on JHU Laboratory Safety Surveys
HSE 310Information Collection and Evaluation System (ICES)
HSE 311Environment of Care® Management Plans
HSE 312Environmental Monitoring Rounds
HSE 313Procedures for Failure to Abate Safety Hazards
HSE 314Pro-Active Safety Risk Assessment Policy

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Section IV - Fire Safety: HSE 401 through HSE 413

HSE 401Fire Prevention
HSE 402Handling of Flammable Material
HSE 403Fire Drills
HSE 404JHH Fire Alarm System
HSE 406Fire Incident Responsibilities in JHH
HSE 407Fire Incident Responsibilities in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center
HSE 408Evacuation Plans in JHH
HSE 409Incipient Fire Response Team for JHI
HSE 410Fire Alarm Systems in JHU
HSE 411Fire Incident Responsibilities in JHU
HSE 412Evacuation Plans for JHU Buildings East Baltimore
HSE 413Fire Safety in Asthma and Allergy Center, Bayview Medical Campus

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Section V - Biological Safety: HSE 500 through HSE 510

HSE 500Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
HSE 501Bloodborne Pathogens Control Program
HSE 502Containment of Biological Agents and Materials
HSE 503Recombinant or Synthetic Nucleic Acid Molecules Research
HSE 504Registry of Biohazardous Agents and Materials
HSE 505Select Agent Policy
HSE 506Protection of Vacuum Systems
HSE 507Containment for Research Involving Cell Culture
HSE 508Certification and Testing of Biological Safety Cabinets
HSE 509Clean Air Benches
HSE 510Use of Gas in Biological Safety Cabinets

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Section VI - Airborne Pathogen Control Program: HSE 601

HSE 601Tuberculosis and Other Airborne Infectious Disease (formerly "Airborne Pathogen Control Program")

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Section VII - Chemical Safety: HSE 701 through HSE 707

HSE 701Hazard Communication Program
HSE 702Glossary of Terms for Material Safety Data Sheets
HSE 703Management of Hazardous Chemicals
HSE 704Registry of Highly Hazardous Chemicals
HSE 705Use of Ether
HSE 706Chemical Hygiene Plan
HSE 707Material Safety Data Sheets

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Section VIII - Laboratory Safety: HSE 801 through HSE 810

HSE 801Proper Attire for Individuals in Laboratories
HSE 802Hazards Assessment of Laboratory Workers
HSE 803Hazard Warning Signage
HSE 804Laboratory Refrigerators, Freezers, and Coolers
HSE 805Laboratory Waste Disposal
HSE 805HMedical Waste (Hospital)
HSE 806Health and Safety Information for Animal Users
HSE 807Animal Exposure Surveillance Program
HSE 808Response to Laboratory Emergencies
HSE 809Laboratory Exit / Decommission and Clearance Policy
HSE 810Laboratory Equipment Clearance Policy

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Section IX - Radiation Safety: HSE 901 through HSE 916

HSE 901Committee on Radiation Control
HSE 902Radiation Safety Responsibilities
HSE 903Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials
HSE 904Procedures for Using Radioactive Materials
HSE 905Procurement of Radiation Sources
HSE 906Transfer of Radioactive Materials
HSE 907Contamination Limits and Decontamination Procedures
HSE 908Disposal of Radioactive Materials
HSE 909Emergencies Involving Radioactive Materials
HSE 910Incidents Involving Any Source of Radiation
HSE 911Registration of Electronic Radiation Devices
HSE 912Radiation Safety for Analytical X-Ray Equipment
HSE 913Personnel Monitoring
HSE 914Permissible Doses, Levels, and Concentrations
HSE 915Increased Security Plan
HSE 916Enforcement of Radiation Safety Requirements

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Health, Safety, and Environment News and Announcements


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HSE policies have been moved to the Hopkins Policies Online (HPO) website (7/8/14)


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