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PAPR Locations (JHH)

LocationNumber of PAPRs
Blalock 19030
Bloomberg Peds ED 27-285
Bloomberg 3305C IRC5
Bloomberg 3262E Neuro Rad5
Bloomberg 4201C PACU5
Bloomberg 4236 OR10
Bloomberg 4364 PICU5
Bloomberg 5368B5
Bloomberg 10N room 485
Bloomberg 10S room 25
Bloomberg 11S room 165
Halsted 2695
JHOC B-1685
JHOC B-1711
JHOC 61425
JHOC 70311
JHOC 72632
Meyer Central Stores50
Meyer Basement Microbiology6
Meyer 75
Meyer 85
Nelson SB283G3
Osler 4215
Osler 4805
Osler 5575
Osler 8134
Osler 8154
Pathology Autopsy5
Phipps 31
Weinberg 22322
Weinberg 31175
Weinberg 34435
WOR 3rd floor10
Weinberg 41015
Weinberg 42023
Weinberg 43405
Weinberg 51285
Weinberg 52414
Weinberg 53003
Weinberg 54134
Zayed ED G1228B10
Zayed ED G134050
Zayed ED G133210
Zayed 2 M2039A5
Zayed 3 OR room 31210
Zayed 4W room 4110A5
Zayed 5W room 5009A5
Zayed 5169A1 PACU5
Zayed 9E room 9170A5
Zayed 10E rooms 10168A and 10135A10
Total Paprs:368

Health, Safety, and Environment News and Announcements


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Updated Policy - HSE501 - Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan (4/3/2015)

New Guidance - HSE G11: Guidance for Corrective Actions and Progressive Response for Ongoing or Repeat Laboratory Safety Violations (2/3/2015)

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DOT Training- Shipping Ebola Contaminated Waste (11/21/14)

HSE policies have been moved to the Hopkins Policies Online (HPO) website (7/8/14)



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