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Construction Facts & Updates

View an HCGH map that includes the new construction.

7/28/09:  Inpatient Units Moving:  On Monday, August 3, the new inpatient units of the Patient Pavilion will open for business. Patients from the 2nd floor Intermediate Care Unit and 3 South Medical/Surgical Unit will be transferred to the Pavilion throughout that day by special transportation teams. Nursing staff will welcome the patients to their new locations.

We ask visitors to help this transition go smoothly by limiting visiting hours during the time of the actual move and having no more than two family members with patients during the transition day.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your nurse.

Opening for business: The Patient Pavilion is opening for business, with departments moving in to the new spaces on a staggered schedule over the next two months. D

Location…location…location… it seems so many departments are changing location. Following are the latest moves, made to provide space for the renovation of the Laboratory and Surgical Pathology.
  • Library Services has moved to its new home adjacent to its former space and directly across the hall from Health Information Management.
  • Volunteer Services moved to its new location in the new basement corridor next to Clinical Engineering.
  • Diabetes Management is now located in the former Volunteer Services office.
  • The front office of the Lab is now located near the chapel, which also is where Dr. Lola Hoover’s is located. Dr. Stanley Podlasek’s office is located in the Ultrasound hallway.
  • Medical Staff Services and the Physician’s Lounge have moved into the back of the former Administration offices.

Waiting Area1/5/09:  The next phase of renovation and construction of the east area of the main lobby is in full swing. The Security Department’s outside door will be closed for approximately two months while the lobby and Security office is expanded. During this time, staff and visitors can enter security from inside the east lobby. Individuals arriving between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. will enter through the main revolving door, with an officer posted in the lobby to monitor pedestrian traffic. The ATM machine has been relocated and the pay phones removed temporarily.

  A Grand New Entrance: HCGH’s main entrance has a whole new look. On Monday, Dec. 15, the new entry plaza opened, complete with beautiful landscaping and a large patient drop off/pick up area under an expansive new canopy. The revolving door now leads to a bright new waiting area in the west side of the lobby.

In the meantime, construction and renovation has begun on the east side of the front entrance and expansion of the lobby and Security Department. The temporary entrance will be walled off, the ATM relocated and the pay phones removed. For about the next two months, the Security Department will only be accessible through from the main lobby. Security staff will be located in the main lobby between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. to monitor overnight pedestrian traffic.

Valet Parking is Ending: Friday, Dec. 12 was the last day for valet parking. Ample parking is now available for visitors in Lot A (parallel to the new circle), Lot B (directly in front of TCAS) and Lot C (across the main drive from the new circle).

We were pleased to be able to offer valet parking service to lessen the inconvenience to patients and visitors. Thank you for your patience as the lobby area and parking lots were reconfigured to accommodate the construction of the new main entrance.

HCGH Construction9/29/08:  The Campus Development Plan is on target. For the construction of the new pavilion, work continues on the entry plaza that includes the new front circle and drop-off/pick-up area as well as the plaza area with concrete pavers and landscaping. The goal is to provide a pleasant outdoor space for patients, visitors, and staff.
Inside the pavilion itself, the drywall, painting, and data/telephone rough-in on the ground floor is almost complete. The contractor, Whiting-Turner, is building a mock patient room on the second floor nursing unit to reconfirm the planned design. The sequence of construction then follows with completion of the third floor, followed by the first floor and finally the fourth floor.
The next significant milestone is the beginning of the renovation package of the Campus Development Plan. The first phase of the renovation, done by Shade Construction Company, will affect the inpatient surgical waiting area, the TCAS surgical waiting area, and parts of the cafeteria. The renovation package will be done in six phases and will take slightly more than two years to complete. This ambitious project will affect nearly all departments in the existing facility.

HCGH Construction5/15/08: The Campus Development Plan is on track, with the new patient pavilion developing before our eyes. The next step is to replace the old main entrance canopy with a new aluminum one, a process expected to last through early fall.

During that time, the hospital entrance will be moved temporarily.

Throughout the week of May 12 contractors are installing a temporary automatic entry door in the front lobby, adjacent to Security, and a covered walkway from there to the Handicapped/ Cardiopulmonary parking lot. Once the temporary entrance is open, individuals must enter through the covered walkway beginning at the TCAS ramp or by the main sidewalk in front of the hospital. Patient drop off and pick up will take place at the TCAS ramp. Traffic control and direction will be provided by the Security Department to keep traffic flowing through the entry area and through the Handicapped/Cardiopulmonary parking lot that will serve as the main front circle during this interim period. For this reason, the lot will be used for handicapped, cardiopulmonary and valet parking only.
Valet parking for our patients and visitors will continue to be available at the temporary entrance.
The temporary entrance will open at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 16, at which time the existing revolving door will be closed and traffic will no longer be allowed to enter the front driveway. Beginning May 19, demolition of the old canopy will begin. A construction barrier will be erected separating the temporary entrance from the demolition and construction area.

Progress continues on the expansion of the General Stores building. This new addition should be ready by the end of January and will provide the additional space needed to support the new pavilion. Following this, existing space in General Stores will be renovated to create separate Clean and Soiled Linen rooms, a new mailroom, and staff offices. The concrete walls and slab floor of the new pavilion will be completed by the end of December in preparation for the arrival of steel. Steel erection will commence in early January and continue for 3 months.

Pavilion Basement11/19/07: Work has begun on the elevator pit for the new building. Work in the front of the main entrance has been completed and will remain this way until the new canopy is installed in the spring. New stop signs have been installed on the main road leading to Cedar Lane and Little Patuxent Parkway to provide a safe travel path for cars and pedestrians. Additional lighting has been installed on the 10-acre lot since daylight saving time ended. Pictured here is the basement level of the new pavilion.
HCGH Construction10/17/07: The 10-acre temporary employee parking lot opened on Oct. 15, providing 262 spaces to offset the area that was closed in the existing lot to prepare for construction of the parking garage, which has begun.

Work is finished on the patient drop- off and handicapped/special permit parking lot. This lot has spaces reserved for Cardiopulmonary and Rehab patients. The General Stores construction continues. In addition, forms are being set for the foundation walls of the new pavilion.
HCGH Construction9/10/07: Removal of the precast work continues on the front and side of the south wing in order to prepare the area that will be the connection point for the new pavilion. Once that is done, excavation will begin for the building footprint. Sheating and shoring will follow to support the big hole that will be dug for the pavilion. In the meantime, Loading Dock construction is proceeding as scheduled.

Construction Facts
New Pavilion Construction Manager
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Parking Garage General Contractor
Henry H. Lewis Contractors, LLC

Cost and funding

Cost$105 million
Funding – Philanthropy & Grants$30 million
Funding – Tax exempt debt (bonds)$40 million
Retained Earnings$35 million

New four-story, five-level patient tower:

110,686 square feet of new construction
Estimated completion date: Summer/Fall 2009

Ground level:Ancillary care and support departments
First Floor:Outpatient Center, to include Cardiopulmonary Services, Rehabilitation Services, Diabetes Management and Phlebotomy
Second Floor:30-bed Surgical Unit (all private rooms)
Third Floor:30-bed Cardiac/Telemetry Unit (all private rooms)
Fourth Floor:30-bed Medical/Surgical Unit (all private rooms)

Major Renovations

Renovation of 122,970 square feet of current space
Estimated completion Date: Fall 2011

Ground level:Expand and improve Surgical Services and renovate Food and Nutrition Services.
First Floor:Renovate main lobby, expand ancillary care support areas, including Center for Wound Care, Anti Coagulation Clinic, Laboratory and MRI.
Second Floor:Convert existing 36-bed Medical/Surgical Unit to a 21-bed all-private room surgical unit.
Third Floor:Convert existing 36-bed Medical/Surgical Unit to an all-private 19-bed Progressive Care Unit, which will be located directly between the existing Intensive Care Unit and the new 30-bed Cardiac/Telemetry Unit.
Fourth Floor:Convert existing 30-bed Medical/Surgical Unit to an all all-private 22-bed Medical/Surgical Unit.

Other Projects

Construction of a 550-car parking structure.

Relocation of main driveway entrance, dedicated service entrance and reconfiguration of existing visitor/patient surface parking lot.


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