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FAQs, Mothers and Babies

Q.Do you offer tours and childbirth classes?
A.Our Wellness Center offers tours for parents and an extensive list of childbirth and childcare classes. We also have a video tour of our birthing center. Visit the Wellness Center on our website to learn more, or call 410 740-7601. 
Q.Are specific services available for women with high-risk pregnancies?
A.The Center for Maternal and Fetal Medicine at the Little Patuxent Specialty Care Center is equipped to manage any high-risk situation that may arise during your pregnancy and to provide you with comprehensive care. The center is staffed by Johns Hopkins specialists board-certified in Maternal Fetal Medicine.
Q.Where should I go when I arrive at the hospital?
A.After calling your care provider, you should come directly to the Emergency Department entrance. If you are scheduled for a C-section you should check in at the Admission desk in the lobby of the main hospital building.
Q.Who can stay with me during my labor, delivery and recovery?
A.A total of four people can stay with you in your room at one time, including your significant other and doula. Children can stay, but they must have their own adult support person with them and they are counted in the total number.
Q.What if I need an epidural?
A.Should you need or request an epidural, your obstetrician will decide the optimal time in your labor process. Your labor coach will be asked to step out of the room while the epidural is being administered.
Q.What if I need a C-Section?
A.The Birthing Center has two state-of-the-art, fully equipped operating rooms and a pediatrician is present at all C-sections. Your labor coach or significant other may accompany you.
Q.What if my baby needs special care?
A.In the unlikely event that your child requires specialized care after birth, he or she will be taken immediately to the NICU and attended by our Johns Hopkins pediatric intensive care team.
Q.I’m having trouble nursing my baby, who can I call for help?
A.All of our maternal and child nurses are trained to you assist you with breastfeeding. Our lactation consultant is also available and can be reached at 410-740-7830, even after you have taken your baby home.
Q.What do I need to take my baby home?
A.Please bring a going-home outfit for your baby, including a weather-appropriate blanket and hat. Also, have someone bring your infant car seat to your room before you leave. For more information, download the "Taking Your Baby Home" brochure.



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