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Healthy Families Howard County Registration

Healthy Families Howard County is part of the Healthy Families America initiative in the U.S. This free, national program identifies first-time parents in the community, aligns them with community resources and offers them support in their new role as parents. Optimally, families are welcomed prenatally into the program and are qualified to enroll up to 90 days after the birth of their baby. For more details about this free program, call 410-715-3716.

First-time parents who live in Howard County will receive a discount coupon code to register for classes online once they submit this pre-registration form. The code is for the registration of qualifying parents only. If you do not use the code at time of register, you will not receive the discount.

Please note: Either prior to or after delivery, a Healthy Families Howard County representative will contact you. If you use the coupon code but are not a first-time parent who lives in Howard County, your payment will be refunded and your registration cancelled. You will be able to re-register at the full price but your selected classes may not be available. 


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