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Medical Records

Medical Records are maintained by the Health Information Management Department (H.I.M.), The H.I.M. Department is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

Obtain Copies of Your Records

To obtain a copy of your medical records for yourself or for someone other than yourself, download and complete the Authorization for Release of Health Information form, clearly stating the dates of service, the specific type of record(s) desired and all other information indicated on the form. This form may also be obtained in the H.I.M. Department or you may request for the form to be mailed or faxed to you. Mail, fax, or drop off your completed form to the H.I.M. Department address/fax number listed below.

Please note: If you are under psychiatric care, your request will need to be reviewed by your psychiatrist or designee prior to release of your medical records. If your request is denied, a summary from your psychiatrist may be obtained by written request to the H.I.M. Department.

Unless for immediate patient care (i.e. a scheduled doctor appointment), please allow up to 21 days for requests to be processed. The average processing time is 7-10 business days. Incomplete requests can not be processed and will be returned for completion. Records will only be faxed for immediate patient care to another healthcare provider upon written request from the healthcare providers. If you wish to have your records mailed to your physician prior to an appointment date, please indicate the appointment date on the request.

If you are picking up a copy of your record, photo ID will be requested. Please note that only the requestor may pick up a copy of the record unless prior authorization is obtained by the H.I.M. Department from the requesting party for someone other than themselves to pick up the record. The authorization must be in writing and signed by the patient or the patient’s legal representative. The H.I.M. Department reserves the right to contact the requestor to validate the authorization prior to releasing the records.


In accordance with Maryland law, processing fees and copying charges may apply. Howard County General Hospital contracts with CIOX Health to perform their medical record copying services. If there is a charge for your records, you will receive an invoice from CIOX Health including payment instructions. Payment may be required prior to the release of your records. Contact the H.I.M. Department for more information. Please note: No payment can be accepted at Howard County General Hospital.

Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards

Howard County General Hospital does not issue birth certificates. All birth certificates are issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Order from the Vital Chek website or call Maryland Vital Records at 410-764-3038 or 1-800-832-3277.

The Social Security card is mailed to the new parents within three to four weeks after the birth of their baby. The process is initiated from the hospital and there are no separate documents that need to be submitted outside of the hospital.

Death Certificates

Howard County General Hospital does not release copies of death certificates. All copies are issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Order from the Vital Chek website or call Maryland Vital Records at 410-764-3038 or 1-800-832-3277.

Contact Information:

Our mailing address is:

Howard County General Hospital
Health Information Management Department
5755 Cedar Lane
Columbia, MD 21044

Key Phone Numbers

The following is a brief listing of important phone numbers pertaining to medical records. For a complete HCGH phone list, please click here.

Release of Medical Record Information: (phone) 410-740-7953, (fax) 410-740-7543

Radiology Film Library: 410-740-7924

Health Information Management (General Reception): 410-740-7950

Birth Registry: 410-740-7597

Hospital Bill Inquiries: 443-997-0300


Authorization for Release of Health Information (to obtain records for yourself or to have records sent to someone other than yourself)

Request To Amend My Protected Health Information

Mail or fax request to:

Howard County General Hospital
Health Information Management
5755 Cedar Lane
Columbia, MD 21044
(fax) 410-740-7543

Medical Record FAQs