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Community Health Needs Assessment

Our hospital uses the Community Health Improvement Guiding Principles developed by the Johns Hopkins Medicine Community Benefits Advisory Council to help guide our collective commitment and efforts. They are the following:

  • Partners with those community leaders and community-based organizations that serve as stewards to guide and educate JHM to best serve the needs of each population.
  • Integrates the interests, assets, and expertise of our health system, academic institutions, and the community to reach mutually agreed upon outcomes.
  • Develops transparent, coherent approaches to plan, implement, evaluate, and disseminate sustainable health improvement programs and policy interventions.

In Fiscal Year 2013, our hospital conducted a community health needs assessment (CHNA) to identify the most important health issues in our community. In the same fiscal year, the Board of Trustees of the hospital approved our community health implementation strategy to address the health priorities identified through the CHNA.

As a result of the CHNA, our hospital identified the following health priorities:

  1. Access to Care:  Increase the percentage of local residents with access to affordable health care.
  2. Obesity:  Enable people of all ages to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through healthy eating and physical activity.
  3. Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Addictions):  Ensure access to affordable and quality behavioral health services for residents of all ages and decrease the number of hospital emergency visits for behavioral health issues.
  4. Elderly Health Improvement: Improve case management services and coordinated health care for senior citizens to reduce repeat hospitalizations and increase the number of seniors living independently at home.

Our hospital’s commitment to improving the health and well-being of our community will be demonstrated through the deliberate planning of community benefit activities. View the Howard County General Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment.

View past community benefit reports.

Our hospital completed an implementation plan that was adopted by the hospital Board of Trustees in fiscal year 2013. The implementation plan connects hospital, community partners, clinicians, and other resources with identified health needs. Our hospital aligns health priorities with the areas of greatest identified need and considers where the Hospital’s resources will generate the greatest impact.   

If you have comments or questions, please contact us at 410-740-7810.


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