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Testimonials: Sreedevi Murthy

Sreedevi Murthy
Admitting Counselor

Sreedevi Murthy

When I was a patient, HCGH saved my life. It was then that I understood that Howard County General Hospital is the best community hospital in the country. Later, I found out that they are the best employers too.

When I come to work there is no chance for me to become frustrated. The whole environment is such that I forget my worries and time passes very quickly. Team members work in harmony providing the very best care to patients.People are good, kind, understanding and always forgiving.

Consider joining the Howard County General Hospital team. The hospital has good pay, on-time evaluations, numerous employee benefits, the best human resources department, the opportunity to update skills and study further, flexible working hours, a clean environment, modern technology and is a good moral boost in every way.

Howard County General Hospital is dedicated to its patients and is a wonderful place to work.


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