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Pharmacy Residency Core Rotations

Critical Care
The critical care rotation is designed to enhance the knowledge base of disease states requiring admissions into the intensive care unit.  This will be accomplished by monitoring patients on a daily basis to ensure the appropriate management of these patients in accordance with evidence based medicine. 

Internal Medicine

The resident will work alongside an internal medicine physician in the management of patients admitted to an internal medicine team.  The resident will participate in patient work-ups, discharge medication counseling, and patient education. 

The resident will be responsible for following all patients consulted to the inpatient cardiology service.  Additional responsibilities will include obtaining medication histories from the patient and caregivers and discharge medication counseling. 

The pediatrics rotation will serve as an opportunity for the resident to become familiar with the management of patients admitted to the pediatric unit.  The resident will play a key role in providing nursing in-services to discuss high risk medications in the pediatric population. 

The Acute Care for Elders Program is dedicated to the management of elderly patients admitted HCGH.  The goal of the program is to provide a smooth transition of patients from the inpatient to the outpatient setting in order to reduce readmission rates.  The resident will play a key role in discharge counseling and ensuring that pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are taken into consideration when selecting appropriate medications for geriatric patients.

Intermediate Care (ICU Step-down)
The resident will participate in multidisciplinary rounds to discuss the management of patients admitted to the Special Care Unit. 

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