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Human Resources Policies

I. Administration

I-100 Introduction

I-101 Organizational Structure

I-102 Solicitation and Distribution

II. Benefits

II-100 Funeral Leave

II-102 Dependent Child Tuition Program

II-102 Attachment - Dependent Child Tuition Application and Agreement

II-103 Family and Medical Leave

II-104 Holidays and Personal Days

II-105 Sick Leave

II-106 Tuition Assistance

II-106 Attachment - Tuition Assistance Application

II-107 Leave of Absence

II-108 Vacation

II-109 Benefit Enrollment

II-110 Short Term Disability Procedures

II-111 Bonus Compensation

II-111 Attachment - Bonus Compensation Form

II-113 Emergency Loan

II-113 Attachment - Emergency Loan Application
II-113 Attachment - Emergency Loan Consent Form
II-113 Attachment - Emergency Loan Disbursement

II-114 Lactation Breaks

II-115 Jury Duty

II-116 Sugar Sweetened Beverages

III. Compensation

III-100 Compensation

III-101 Performance Appraisals

III-102 Outside Activities for Compensation

III-102 Attachment - Outside Compensation Request Form

IV. Employment

IV-100 Attendance Management

IV-101 Access to Policies

IV-102 Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Policy

IV-102 Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Policy Appendix I

IV-102 Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Policy Appendix II

IV-102 A - Confirmation of Request for a Reasonable Accommodation
IV-102 A1 - Cover Letter to Health Care Provider
IV-102 A2 - Physical Restriction Form
IV-102 A3 - Mental Restriction Form
IV-102 B - OHS Essential Function Summary
IV-102 B1 - Memorandum of Interactive Process
IV-102 C1 - Reasonable Accommodation Decision Form
IV-102 C2 - Accommodation Review Form
IV-102 D - Request for Reconsideration of Accommodation Decision
IV-102 D1 - Reconsideration Decision Form

IV-103 Competency

IV-104 Conflict of Interest

IV-105 Dual Employment
IV-105 Attachment - Dual Employment Attendance Record
IV-105 Attachment - Dual Employment Letter to Administrators
IV-105 Attachment - Dual Employment Letter to Managers

IV-106 Employment

IV-107 Employment At Will

IV-108 Equal Employment Opportunity

IV-109 Hours Worked by Non-exempt Employees

IV-110 Identification Badge

IV-111 Intermediate Sanctions

IV-112 Job Descriptions

IV-113 Military Leave

IV-114 Nepotism and Professional Boundaries

IV-115 New Hire and Assessment Period

IV-116 Orientation

IV-118 Retention, Disclosure, and Disposition of Employee Records

IV-119 Pre-employment Health Screening

IV-120 Random Drug Testing

IV-121 Recruitment, Promotions & Transfers
IV-121 Attachment - Recruitment, Promotions & Transfers Bid Form

IV-122 Reduction in Force (RIF)

IV-123 Employment Verification and Rehire Status  

IV-124 Separation of Employment

IV-125 Summer Hire Program

IV-126 Inter-Affiliate Transfer
IV-126 Attachment - Inter-Affiliate Transfer Checklist

IV-127 Independent Contractors

IV-127 Attachment - Justification and Forms

IV-128 Staff Requests Not to Participate in Aspects of Patient Care

IV-129 Religious Accommodation

V. Employee Relations

V-100 Appropriate Conduct

Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System Code of Conduct Policy

V-101 Corporate Property

V-102 Appearance Standards

V-103 Gratuities, Gifts & Tips

V-105 Mileage Reimbursement

V-106 Smoke Free

V-107 Staff Requests Patient Care Conflicts

V-108 Substance Abuse Program

V-109 Workforce Diversity

V-110 Workplace Anti-Violence

V-111 Employee Appeals
V-111 Attachment - Employee Appeals Form

V-112 Employee Awards

V-113 Photographing, Videotaping or Recording Device Policy

V-114 Federal and State False Claims Act Whistleblower Protections

V-115 Social Media Policy and Guidelines