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Contact Home Care Group Human Resources

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

The Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
Department of Human Resources
5901 Holabird Avenue, Suite A
Baltimore, MD 21224

             Phone: 410-288-8000 or 1-800-288-2838
             Fax: 410-633-5124

HR Administration/Benefits Office Staff:

Denise Lannon
Director of Human Resources
Executive Level Recruitment

Phone: 410-288-8135
Fax: 410-633-5124

Bruce Lampron
HR Manager

Benefits Administration & Employee Relations
Phone: 410-288-8186
Fax: 410-633-5124

Jennifer Reitz
HR Recruiter
Non-clinical & Pharmacy Technician Recruitment

Phone: 410-288-8010
Fax: 410-633-5124

Dorothy Infante
Clinical Recruitment Coordinator
Clinical Staff Recruitment
Phone: 410-288-8075
Fax: 410-633-5124

Rosa Asitimbay
HR Assistant
Phone: 410-288-8176
Fax: 410-633-5127

Ashley Dulaney
HR Assistant
Phone: 410-288-7083
Fax: 410-633-5124

Joy-Ann Lovell
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 410-288-8049
Fax: 410-633-5124


Please note that these pages were created for the use of employees of the JHHCG as an informational resource. They are not intended to be used to interpret JHHCG policies, practices or procedures. You are advised and encouraged to contact your immediate supervisor if you have specific questions regarding Human Resources issues.

Traveling for care?

blue suitcase

Whether crossing the country or the globe, we make it easy to access world-class care at Johns Hopkins.

Maryland 410-288-8100
U.S. 1-410-464-6713 (toll free)
International +1-410-614-6424



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