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ANCHOR LEAD: People who need to have traditional bypass surgery don’t need to fear the heart lung machine, Elizabeth Tracey reports.

A loss in thinking ability, or cognition, often follows heart surgery, causing many to speculate that the heart lung bypass machine is the culprit.  Now a Johns Hopkins study by Olna Selnes and colleagues dispels that myth.

SELNES: Perhaps the most significant contribution of this study is that it takes the stigma off of the on pump traditional bypass procedure, because in the past there has been the suspicion that maybe the pump, the use of the pump, the cardiopulmonary bypass pump itself was in fact somehow responsible for this late cognitive decline and we are not seeing any evidence of that.    :29

Selnes says a loss in cognition was seen no matter how people with coronary artery blockage were treated, including so called off pump surgery, indicating a need for earlier diagnosis and treatment.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.

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