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ANCHOR LEAD:  Restless legs syndrome affects millions, Elizabeth Tracey reports.

Estimates vary, but many experts say about 15 percent of the population may be affected by restless legs syndrome, or RLS.  The condition compels people to move their legs, either when they’re at rest or sleeping.  As a result, the condition interferes with sleep and may induce profound fatigue.  Christopher Early, a restless legs syndrome expert at Johns Hopkins, says many folks don’t seek medical help.

EARLY:  The population of patients out there with restless legs syndrome who probably need to be getting some help or treatment is probably around two to three percent of the population.  Data shows that patients have reported symptoms as early as three to four years of age.  It increases with age but it clearly has about I would say half of the population who have symptoms of RLS develop them before the age of 45.                :26

Early says there are medications that may help control RLS.  I’m Elizabeth Tracey reporting.


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