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ANCHOR LEAD:  Should a woman ever take hormone replacement therapy?  Elizabeth Tracey reports.

Hormones or no hormones- that continues to be a question women with menopausal symptoms agonize over.  Now another study lends credence to the idea that hormones early in menopause may be beneficial.  Redonda Miller, an internal medicine expert at Johns Hopkins, explains the findings.

MILLER:  I think this does give validation to what we call the timing hypothesis.  Women who use estrogen early may derive some benefit, whereas starting hormone therapy much later, like at age 63 as in the Women’s Health Initiative, doesn’t make sense.  At that point women have probably built up atherosclerosis in their coronary vessels, and you’re adding a prothrombotic agent like estrogen, that could result in plaque rupture and clot, and thus a heart event.                           :26

So taking hormones to relieve symptoms like hot flashes may actually be helpful, but each woman should address this with her doctor.  I’m Elizabeth Tracey reporting.


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