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an online version of the magazine Fall 2007
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Fall 2007
  PUBLISHED THREE TIMES A YEAR for alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Hopkins Medicine magazine brings readers face to face with people, issues and events that shape one of the world's leading health care institutions. We probe into the operating rooms, venture behind the lab bench, poke into the lives of students and distinguished faculty.  
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The Big Chill The Big Chill
After sudden cardiac arrest, first save the brain. That’s the game-changing credo driving the work of Romergryko Geocadin and Nitish Thakor. Their two-part approach will leave you cold.
By Geoff Brown
Linda Lee At Home With the Homeless
Stephen Hwang ’88 has dedicated his career to serving society’s most desperate and difficult.
By Kurt Kleiner
Illustration of man under umbrella When Suitors Come Calling
When our faculty leave for top jobs elsewhere, we can at least take pride in producing the world’s medical leaders. But how do we keep enough of the brightest lights here to ensure we’ll always be Hopkins?
By Ramsey Flynn
Circling the Dome Circling the Dome
Kidney swap central. A not-so-gloomy economic forecast. Zerhouni returns. Match Day, our way.
ALPHA DOCS Passionate About Patient Care. Changes of Heart.
Medical Rounds Medical Rounds
New extraction route for kidney donors. Fruits and veggies for better bones. Birth of a ration. A life-saving EXIT strategy.
Annals of Hopkins Annals of Hopkins
Forty-one years ago, the neighborhood around the medical campus erupted in looting and burning. For thhose who were there, the violence became a wake-up call.
By Mike Field
Where Are They Now?
Mark Rogers Sixty-Five Years of Tinkering
From the moment he arrived at the schoold of Medicine in 1944, Dick Johns was no typical MD. Today, this grand elder statesman stands as an institutional icon.
crossroads Learning Curve
Out of Harm's Way
By Dan Munoz, '04
Illustration Post-Op
Beyond the Boost
By Dean/CEO
Edward D. Miller, M.D.


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