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an online version of the magazine Fall 2009
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Fall 2009
  PUBLISHED THREE TIMES A YEAR for alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Hopkins Medicine magazine brings readers face to face with people, issues and events that shape one of the world's leading health care institutions. We probe into the operating rooms, venture behind the lab bench, poke into the lives of students and distinguished faculty.  
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Infectious Enthusiasm Infectious Enthusiasm
Could a common microbe, passed along through feline waste, raise the risk of schizophrenia? Neurovirologist Bob Yolken and his team are building the case.
By Geoff Brown
The Long Way Here The Long Way Here
Meet a trio of faculty heavy hitters who’ve overcome tough odds to get here.
video WEB EXTRA Video: For a five-minute video of one doctor’s personal journey to Hopkins.
By Ramsey Flynn
Taking Root Taking Root
With the Class of 2013, Hopkins is fully rolling out a new medical school curriculum that will transform the way tomorrow’s doctors are prepared.
By Mat Edelson and Linell Smith
Circling the Dome Circling the Dome
Stemming the damage. Med students from Monterrey Tec. Lloyd Minor’s major appointment.
Medical Rounds Medical Rounds
Ganging up on pancreatic cancer. The shape of things to come. Anxious no more. An eye-opener.
Annals of Hopkins Annals of Hopkins
For many decades here, physicians specializing in anesthesia struggled to achieve the same respect accorded to other medical specialties.
By Maria Blackburn
Class Notes
Class Notes News from and about graduates.
Learning Curve Learning Curve
Torn by the health care debate.
By Dan Munoz, '04
Post-Op Post-Op
Why personalized medicine is key to the new Genes to Society curriculum.
By Dean/CEO
Edward D. Miller, M.D.


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