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Circling the Dome

Profession of Values



We, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Class of 2011, profess to our peers, educators, families, friends and the community of Baltimore our aspiration to uphold the values we attribute to this white coat.

As students of medicine, we will embrace honesty and integrity. In our roles as scholars, caregivers and community members, we will passionately pursue excellence, continually inspired to contribute to the expanding knowledge of medicine. We will strive to know ourselves, our abilities and limits, allowing this insight to guide our actions. As we face challenges, we will draw on our strength, optimism and patience. In our successes, we will hold humility before pride.

We recognize that skill without empathy is inadequate. We will approach every patient with open-mindedness and without judgment, respecting cultural and personal differences. We will honor the dignity and humanity of each patient. As time passes and novelties wane, we will not forget compassion and caring but will remain dedicated to the ultimate goal of helping others. We will learn from every person, with new understanding gained from each interaction.

We accept our responsibility, one which extends beyond the walls of our institution, to lead and serve with dedication. We will be diligent and responsible, not complacent or timid, and always respectful of the trust placed in us. As members of the community, we will not exploit or neglect those around us but rather will embrace our social responsibility to advocate for positive change. As physicians, we will commit to advancing knowledge and improving practice. As individuals, we will be mindful of the impact of our decisions and our duty to serve selflessly.

This profession of values declared on the 27th of May 2008 is an acknowledgment of our commitment to the tradition of excellence in clinical care and scholarship at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Class of 2011 Profession of Values Writing Committee: Sophie Strike (coordinator), Shamik Bhattacharyya, Ashley Campbell, Nancy Cheng, Matt Crim, Swathi Eluri, Stephen Juraschek, Allie Kaeding, Irene Kim, Sujay Pathak, Jeremy Schneider, Nathan Skelley and Bridget Wild.



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