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Fall 2007
  PUBLISHED THREE TIMES A YEAR for alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Hopkins Medicine magazine brings readers face to face with people, issues and events that shape one of the world's leading health care institutions. We probe into the operating rooms, venture behind the lab bench, poke into the lives of students and distinguished faculty.  
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Dr. Hal Dietz Get a Life!?
Many of today’s young physicians are eager to trade in long hours and professional status for “controllable careers” that allow them to be home in time for dinner. Does the quest for better balance mean better doctoring?
By Linell Smith
Tawam Hospital Washing Out My Distressed Genes
A psychology professor looks at the emerging personality of his teenage son and worries: Must he be me all over again?
By Kevin Fontaine
intern Sara Keller Guardians of the Heart
WEB EXTRA: On a ruminative stroll through the portrait-filled hallways of Blalock 6, veteran heat surgeon Vince Gott, 81, shares stories of Hopkins' cardiac legends.
By Ramsey Flynn
(5:45) Web Extra
intern Sara Keller Sleep Interrupted
Sleep apnea is responsible for car crashes, heart attacks, even brain damage. Yet it remains vastly under-diagnosed. A new home testing device could change that.
By Ramsey Flynn
Dr. Tang Circling the Dome
A popular TV series brought Hopkins to millions.
ALPHA DOCS Fruitful Flies. A Man of Considerable Influence.
Medical Rounds
Spare the Voice, to Avoid Spoiling the Singer. On the Deficit Trail. Synergy S Hits the Spot.
Talalay Annals of Hopkins
Deciding whether to start an MD/PhD program became a soul-searching question 40 years ago at the School of Medicine.
By Elaine K. Freeman
Where Are They Now?
Jack Stobo After the Prize
Frustrated by the NIH’s increasing bureaucracy, Nobel laureate Hamilton Smith left Hopkins to become a for-profit researcher. But the old days were best, he says.
Learning Curve
Heroism Not Made for TV
By Dan Munoz, '04
Giving patients the human touch.
By Dean/CEO
Edward D. Miller, M.D.
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