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Cover shot of Time featuring Henry Sigerist.

Flawed Apostle

By Janet Farrar Worthington

n his heyday, Henry Sigerist, head of the Institute of the History of Medicine at Hopkins from 1932 to 1947, was everywhere: packing them in at lecture halls worldwide, a distinguished, “A-list” pundit on radio shows who kindled a national debate on socialized medicine; and then, in 1939, the icing on the cake: on the cover of Time magazine.

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Psychiatrist Paul McHugh.

Straight-Shooting Shrink

By Jim Duffy

n 1992, Paul McHugh looked back on his 17 years as Henry Phipps Professor of Psychiatry and director of the Department of Psychiatry and decided it was time to go. He’d taken a floundering department and put it back on the national map. He’d co-written an acclaimed psychiatry text, conducted important research on the workings of satiety and sent scores of talented young psychiatrists out to key posts at medical centers throughout the nation.

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Medicine's New Main Street

By Randi Henderson

n early 1998, Leo Joerger was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. Doctors in his hometown of Cleveland told him that the size and location of his tumor made it inoperable, and Joerger was inclined to accept the diagnosis. He had seen the best specialists at a leading medical institution. He thought he had done all he could.

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