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Class Notes
Photo of grand rounds in 1946 vs. 2006


Rounding Through the Ages

1 William Dixon ’43 Nov.
2 John Leuscher
3 Warfield T. Longcope ’01
4 Perrin H. Long
5 Mildred Struve
6 John Eager Howard ’28
7 A. McGehee Harvey ’34
8 Charles Robert Austrian ’09
9 Charles Wainwright ’22
10 Victor McKusick ’46

For all of the changes in medicine, the ritual of grand rounds at Johns Hopkins has remained close to its roots. The archival photo above was taken in Hurd Hall on March 28, 1946. The inset color photo was taken in the same spot on March 31, 2006. One participant appears in both of these photos: Victor McKusick ’46. In the early shot, remarkable for its abundance of Hopkins greats (see chart), McKusick is in the third row, several seats from the wall. The renowned geneticist, now a university professor, opted to take precisely the same seat in the contemporary photo, right next to his wife, Anne, ’50.
In the modern photo, cardiologist Steven Schulman is presenting his patient, Daniel Cohen of Norfolk. Cohen, who’d suffered a heart attack months earlier, described his use of alternative therapies and supplements to fight his heart disease. Schulman followed with a slide presentation demonstrating the lack of scientific support for those approaches. The group exchange roughly mirrored the ritual of 1946.
McKusick notes the dramatic increase in women physicians for the modern gathering. And one key distinction between the two events is invisible, he says: In 1946, when the patient was wheeled from the amphitheater, nearly everyone lit a cigarette.


Courtesy of the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, photograph by Blakeslee-Lane, photograph previously published in Knowledge for the World, Edited by Mame Warren, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2000.

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