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Weiss Lab Publications

Selected publications:

  1. Stuber M and Weiss RG: Coronary magnetic resonance imaging.  Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2007; 26: 219-234.
  2. Korosoglou G, WeissRG, Kedziorek DA, Walczak P, Gilson WA, Schär M, Sosnovik D, Kraitchman DL, Boston RC, Bulte JM, Weissleder R, Stuber M.  Noninvasive detection of macrophage-rich atherosclerotic plaque in hyperlipidemic rabbits using ‘positive contrast’ magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of American College of Cardiology 2008; 52:483-491.
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  6. Abd-Elmoniem KZ, Weiss RG, Stuber M: Phase-Sensitive black-blood coronary vessel wall imaging.  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2009 (in press)
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