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Tomaselli Lab Members


Gordon Tomaselli, MD

Current Lab Members:

Subrata Biswas, PhD Research Associate (Projects 1 and 2)
Andreas Barth, MD, PhD Post doctoral fellow (Projects 2 and 3)
David Edwards MD, PhD Clinical Fellow in Cardiology (Projects 1 and 2)
Rajesh Sekar PhD, Post doctoral fellow (Projects 2 and 3)
Darshan Dalal MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Project 4)
Debbie DiSilvestre Lab Manager (Projects 1-4)
Peihong Gao, Senior Lab Technician (Projects 1-3)
YanLi Tian, MD, Lab Technician (Projects 1-4)
Victoria Halperin, Lab Technician (Projects 1-4)
Barbara Butcher, RN Coordinator PROSE-ICD (Project 4)
Sanaz Norgard, Technician (Project 4)
Ami Kumordzie, Undergraduate Student