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Tomaselli Lab Funding

Current Research Support:

Donald W. Reynolds Center in Cardiovascular Clinical Research 2003 – 2010
Robert Weiss, Director, G.Tomaselli Co-Director and PI: PROSE –ICD

RO1 HL091062 (PI: Tomaselli) 2009 – 2014
“Fundamental Biology of Sudden Cardiac Death and Its Application to Identify Patient at Risk”
This grant will examine the role of genetic, protein and electrocardiographic markers measured longitudinally in predicting the risk of SCD and overall mortality in patients with implantable defibrillators placed for primary prevention.

R33 HL087363 (PI: Tomaselli) 2007 – 2010
“The System Biology of Sudden Cardiac Death”, Cluster Project 2
Cluster Project 2 will extend prior HF work to the tissue level by testing the hypothesis that regional (transmural) changes in the expression of SL ion channels, proteins involved in intracellular Ca2+-cycling and connex in proteins lead to regional heterogeneity of AP repolarization and thus increased risk for arrhythmia in the setting HF.

RO1 HL50411-14 (PI: Tomaselli) 2004 – 2010 NIH/NHLBI
“Cardiac Sodium Channel Function regulation of permeation and gating”
The goal is to understand the mechanism role of regulation of gating of the cardiac Na channel with a focus on structural motifs in the carboxy terminus. This grant is in a no-cost extension and a competitive renewal has been submitted.

1 PO1 HL077180 (PI: Kass) Role: PI Project 2, Co-Director Core C 2004 – 2010
“Pathobiology of Cardiac Dyssynchrony and Resynchronization”
Project 2, “Electrophysiology of Cardiac Dyssynchrony and CRT”
Core C: Cell/molecular/microscopy core
The study seeks to understand the cellular and molecular basis of electrical remodeling in HF and its correction by Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT). Ventricular myocytes and wedges of myocardium will be studied for remodeling of AP characteristics, ionic currents, calcium handling and tissue properties including conduction. In Core C studies of ion channel and Ca2+ handling proteins as well as mRNA expression profiling will be performed.

R37 HL54598-11 (PI: O’Rourke) Role: Co-Investigator 1996 – 2010
“Energetic Regulation of Cardiac Ion Channels”
The major goal of this project is to determine the role of the inner membrane mitochondrial anion channel in cardiac energetics and the integrated function of the myocyte.

R01 DK072367-01 (PI: Klag) Role: Co-Investigator 2007 – 2012
“Longitudinal Study of Dialysis”
This study will allow identification of dialysis-related risk factors that are unique to persons with ESRD for arrhythmias and SCD, setting the stage for clinical trials to test therapies to prevent SCD in a high risk population. In addition, this study will provide an infrastructure to answer, in future studies, a host of important questions related to the pathogenesis of morbidity and mortality in the ESRD population.

U54 MH084691 (PI: Li) Role: Co-Investigator 2008 – 2014
NIH Johns Hopkins Ion Channel Center
This center performs high throughput screening of chemical libraries for ion channel ligands and characterizes the biophysical effects of hits on their ion channel targets.

1RC1 HL099892 (PI: Tomaselli) 2009 – 2011
NIH ARRA, “Biomarkers of Sudden Death and Heart Failure Progression”
This study will examine the role of peripheral blood mRNA and microRNA markers of SCD and HF progression in a primary prevention HF population.