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Heart & Vascular Institute

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Theodore Abraham Lab

Dr. Theodore Abraham is the director of two labs:

  • Translational Cardiovascular Ultrasound Research Laboratory
    • Central objective: To use ultrasound-based imaging technologies for diagnostic and interventional applications in a variety of cardiac pathologies.
  • Cardiac Mechanics Imaging Laboratory
    • Central objective: To develop and evaluate novel imaging tools that depict regional and global cardiac mechanics. Technologies used include ultrasound, magnetic resonance and computed tomography.

Research for both missions is conducted in in-vitro systems, small or large experimental models and clinical trials.

  • We also provide echocardiography and cardiac mechanics core laboratory support for large multi-center clinical trials. Lab expertise covers the entire gamut of echocardiography including standard 2D & Doppler, transesophageal, 3D/4D, contrast imaging, tissue Doppler, strain and interventional echocardiography.