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C. Kwon Lab Publications

Recent Publications

Uosaki H, Andersen P, Shenje L, Lindegren SC, Kwon C*. (2012) Direct Contact with Endoderm-like Cells Efficiently Induces Cardiac Progenitors from Mouse and Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. PLoS One. 7(10):e46413.
*corresponding author

Andersen P, Uosaki H, Shenje L, Kwon C*. (2012) Non-Canonical Notch Signaling: Emerging Role and Mechanism. Trends in Cell Biology. 22(5):257-65
*corresponding author

van Weerd HV, Koshiba-Takeuchi K, Kwon C, Takeuchi JK. (2011). Epigenetic Factors and Cardiac Development. Cardi­ovascular Research 92(2):203-211 PMCID:PMC3125076

Kwon C*, Cheng P, King IN, Andersen P, Shenje L, Nigam V, Srivastava D*. (2011) Notch Post-translationally Regulates β-Catenin Protein in Stem and Progenitor Cells. Nature Cell Biology 13(10):1244-1251
*corresponding authors

King IN, Qian L, Liang J, Huang Y, Shieh J, Kwon C, Srivastava D. (2011) A Genome-Wide Screen Reveals a Role for microRNA-1 in Modulating Cardiac Cell Polarity. Developmental Cell 20(4):951-501

Kwon C*, Qian L, Cheng P, Nigam V, Arnold J and Srivastava D* (2009) A Regulatory Pathway Involving   Notch/b-Catenin/Isl1 Determines Cardiac Progenitor Cell Fate. Nature Cell Biology 11(8):951–957
*corresponding authors