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George Lab Funding

Current Funding Sources:

Title: Adenosine Stress 256-Row MDCT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging for the Detection of Coronary Artery Disease
Sponsor: Astellas Pharma, Inc
PI: Richard T. George and Joao A.C. Lima
Project Goal: The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that 256-Row MDCT angiography and myocardial perfusion imaging can provide accurate information on both coronary atherosclerosis and myocardial perfusion in patients at intermediate to high risk for coronary artery disease who are referred for non-invasive stress testing (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, SPECT or Stress Echocardiography).

Title: PJ Schafer Memorial Award for Preventative Cardiology Research
Sponsor: PJ Schafer Memorial
PI: Richard T. George, M.D.
Project Goal: Support cardiovascular imaging research.

Title: Project 2: Functional Energetics and Imaging for Phenotypic Characterization of Patients at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death
Sponsor: Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
PI: Robert G. Weiss
Project Goal: Perform multimodality imaging in patients receiving implantable cardiac defibrillators for primary prevention of sudden cardiac death using magnetic resonance and multidetector computed tomography imaging to test the hypothesis that non-invasive imaging can detect the mechanistically-based anatomic, functional, and metabolic predictors of sudden cardiac death.

Title: Subclinical Vascular Disease and Metabolic Abnormalities in MACS RO1 HL095129
Sponsor: NIH
PI: Wendy Post
Project Goal: The specific aims are to determine whether there is a difference in the prevalence and progression of subclinical CVD between HIV+ and HIV- men and to determine whether metabolic, inflammatory, immunologic and anthropomorphic markers potentially associated with HAART and/or HIV infection are associated with presence and/or progression of subclinical CVD. The following studies will be obtained in HIV+ and HIV- men (1) CT angiographic imaging of the coronary arteries (CTA), (2) measures of inflammatory, immunologic, metabolic, and anthropomorphic parameters with blood assays and CT imaging and (3) longitudinal changes in CAC and carotid IMT.

Title: Development of Myocardial Perfusion Assessment Coupled with Coronary Angiography
Sponsor: Toshiba Medical Systems
PI: Joao A.C. Lima, M.D.
Project Goal: Development and evaluation of scan technique that can simultaneously image the coronary arteries and measure myocardial blood flow.

Title: A Phase 2, Open-Label, Randomized Multicenter Study for the Development of One-Day Rest/Stress Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Perfusion Imaging Protocols of BMS747158
Sponsor: Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc.
PI: Frank Bengel, M.D.
Project Goal: This is a phase 2 study that will acquire data for the development of one-day rest/stress cardiac Pet perfusion imaging for BMS747158 with comparable diagnostic image quality to a two-day rest/stress PET protocol

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