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Program Information

The Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery offers a three year training program following completion of a surgical residency. The first year as a junior cardiac surgery fellow is evenly divided between the Red and Blue cardiac surgery services.  During the second year, six months are dedicated to the general thoracic surgery service, and six months to elective rotations. Possible rotations include, but are not limited to: Interventional Pulmonology, Cardiac Catheterization, and Thoracic Surgery at the Bayview Medical Center. The third year of the residency is spent as a chief resident in cardiac surgery and is divided between the Red and Blue services.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital has a long history of training academic surgeons, both in general and cardiothoracic surgery. Hopkins cardiac surgery has been directed by leaders in the field, including Alfred Blalock, Vincent Gott, Bruce Reitz, William Baumgartner, and now Duke Cameron. The Division strives to maintain this heritage by fostering clinical expertise, scientific inquiry, and intellectual development, the essence of an academic surgeon. To accomplish this goal, the training program in cardiothoracic surgery provides a wealth of clinical and operative experience in a collegial atmosphere, a diverse house staff and faculty interested in teaching, and a wide variety of clinical and basic research experiences.

  • 3 year program
    • Year 1 - Cardiac (adult/congenital)
    • Year 2 – General Thoracic (6 months)
    • Year 2 – Elective Rotations (6 months)
    • Year 3 – Cardiac (adult/congenital)
  • Progressive increase in responsibility
  • Progressive increase in operative experience as primary surgeon
  • Opportunities for clinical research
  • Future CT Residency affiliations planned with Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland and All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida

Year 1 - Cardiac (adult / congenital)

  • Patient care
  • Operative experience
  • In-house call (1/3)
  • Preoperative decision making
  • Consultative experience

Year 2 - General Thoracic (6 months)

  • Patient care
  • Operative experience (Thoracic and vascular)
  • In-house call (1/3)
  • Preoperative decision making
  • Consultative experience

Year 2 - Elective Rotation (6 months)

  • Patient Care
  • In-house call (1/4)
  • Consultative Experience

Year 3 - Cardiac (adult / congenital) / Thoracic

  • Overall charge of service
  • Substantial operative experience
  • No regular In-house call
  • Transplant responsibility