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Heart & Vascular Institute

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Clinical and Translational Research Programs

Updated: January 2012

Outcomes/Clinical Research

  1. Induction therapy for esophageal cancer
  2. Induction therapy for mesothelioma
  3. Adjuvant chemo for lung cancer
  4. CT screening for second primaries
  5. PET/CT pre and post induction
  6. Outcomes in pectus in the adult
  7. Incidence of cancer in high grade Barrett’s dysplasia is there a change
  8. Geriatrics: induction therapy, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, QOL
  9. Complicated esophageal reconstructions
  10. Outcomes from bilateral sequential thoracotomies
  11. Robotics in thoracic surgery
  12. Esophageal cancer in the African-American
  13. Socioeconomic status and lung cancer
  14. Lung cancer in patients under 40
  15. Tobacco and multiple cancers
  16. Characterization of non-smoking lung cancer patients
  17. Second lung primaries and survival

Translational Research

  1. Methylation in old vs. young cancer patients
  2. Methylation in specific anatomical areas
  3. Profiling metastasis vs. primary tumors in lung cancer
  4. Methylation Profiles of Patients with Recurrent Lung Cancer
  5. New Methods of Detecting DNA Methylation using Nanotechnology

Case Studies

  1. RFA/esophageal injury
  2. CAM with systemic arterial supply
  3. Unusual tumors of the lung
  4. Results of 3 Patient Response to Epigenetic Therapy