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About Us

The Johns Hopkins Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia/Cardiomyopathy Program was formed in order to provide specialized evaluation and care for patients with ARVD / ARVC. The program, headed by Dr. Hugh Calkins, also focuses on clinical and genetic research. Since 1999, patients with ARVD / ARVC have come to Johns Hopkins, receiving care from leading experts in the field of ARVD / ARVC.

The Johns Hopkins Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia / Cardiomyopathy (ARVD / ARVC) program has three objectives:

  1. Educate patients and physicians about ARVD / ARVC,
  2. Evaluate and manage patients with known or suspected ARVD / ARVC, and
  3. Participate in research programs to learn more about this condition.

For more information on the Johns Hopkins Right Ventriular Dysplasia/Cardiomyopathy Program, please contact us to request a brochure or other information.

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