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The Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Transformation Collaborations

Conceptual model of health policy influence.

Internal Connections

The Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Transformation routinely draws on expertise from a variety of specialists at Johns Hopkins, including those from:

External Collaborations

The AMC Vanguard Group

Partnering with the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at the Brookings Institute, Johns Hopkins joined with six academic medical centers (AMCs) to form the AMC Vanguard Group:

The AMC Vanguard Group Mission

In a world of increasingly limited resources, the AMC Vanguard Group’s mission is to formulate for each institution—and where appropriate, collectively—a set of tactical steps aimed at addressing key challenges in financing, delivery of care, and quality of care and addressing issues that impact the three-part academic medical center model of world-class teaching, innovative research and state-of-the-art clinical care.

In collaboration with Brookings, the AMC Vanguard Group will identify best practices among participating institutions, gather expertise and key insights from private and public stakeholders, and disseminate these findings using a variety of deliverables (ranging from co-branded white papers and research products to conferences and public presentations) that work to position academic medical centers as national leaders for delivering better care at lower cost.