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Gynecology & Obstetrics

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Integrated Research Center for Fetal Medicine

Dr. Irina BurdIrina Burd, M.D., PhD

The Johns Hopkins University is a world leader in biomedical and health services research. The university has a strong research infrastructure and an existent interdisciplinary network of neonatology, neurology, radiology, genetics and maternal-fetal medicine investigators. This infrastructure forms a solid foundation for the success of our program.

Currently supported research includes pathophysiology of fetal brain development with intrauterine insults, ultrasound and biomarkers of fetal well-being, and biomarkers for fetal disease stratification and response to treatment, such as magnesium sulfate administration or head cooling as in cases of neuroinflammation. In line with available advancements in stem cell research, with the ultimate goal of curing genetic diseases, we are planning to initiate a cross-disciplinary program. This unique program will have an international outreach, offering families the potential of future treatments for diseases that affect quality of life and conditions once thought to be lethal.


  • To advance world-class discovery in biomedical and health services through innovative translational research
  • To derive cures for prenatally diagnosed diseases by cutting across multiple basic science and clinical disciplines
  • To recruit and train future prenatal leaders with expertise in fetal medicine to advance clinical care through research and discovery

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