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Our Current Residents

Postgraduate Year 4 (Class of 2018)
Postgraduate Year 3 (Class of 2019)
Postgraduate Year 2 (Class of 2020)
Postgraduate Year 1 (Class of 2021)

Postgraduate Year 4

Samantha de los Reyes, M.D.

Samantha de los Reyes, MD

Medical School: Pennsylvania State University

Nicole Albino, M.D.

Nicole Gavin, MD

Medical School: University of Connecticut

Marielle Gross, M.D.

Marielle Gross, MD, MA

Medical School: University of Florida

Esther Han, M.D.

Esther Han, MD, MPH

Medical School: Boston University

Lea Moukarzel, M.D.

Lea Moukarzel, MD

Medical School: Jefferson Medical School

Elizabeth Oler, M.D.

Elizabeth Oler, MD

Medical School: Georgetown

Stacy Sun, M.D.

Stacy Sun, MD

Medical School: Tulane University

Orlando Valle, M.D.

Orlando Valle, MD

Medical School: Howard University

Harold Wu, M.D.

Harold Wu, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Postgraduate Year 3

Kate Fritton, M.D.

Kate Chaves, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson

Jeff Federspiel, M.D.

Jeff Federspiel, MD, PhD

Medical School: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Braxton Forde, M.D.

Braxton Forde, MD

Medical School: Ohio State

Marlena Halstead, M.D.

Marlena Halstead, MD

Medical School: University of Virginia

Morgan Mandigo, M.D.

Morgan Mandigo, MD, MSc

Medical School: University of Miami

Marla Scott, M.D.

Marla Scott, MD

Medical School: University of Toledo

Malorie Snider, M.D.

Malorie Snider, MD

Medical School: University of Pennsylvania

Sunitha Suresh, M.D.

Sunitha Suresh, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Lauren Thomaier, M.D.

Lauren Thomaier, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Postgraduate Year 2

Ana Angarita, M.D.

Ana Angarita, MD

Medical School: Universidad Industrial de Santander Escuela de Medicina

Danielle Chau, M.D.

Danielle Chau, MD

Medical School: Brown University

Edward Kim, M.D.

Edward Kim, MD, MPH

Medical School: University of Michigan

Meghan McMahon, M.D.

Meghan McMahon, MD

Medical School: West Virginia University

Victoire Ndong, M.D.

Victoire Ndong, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

Isa Ryan, M.D.

Isa Ryan, MD

Medical School: Vanderbilt University

Anna Jo Smith, M.D.

Anna Jo Smith, MD, MPH, MSc

Medical School: Harvard

Sandy Truong, M.D.

Sandy Truong, MD

Medical School: Harvard

Katelyn Uribe, M.D.

Katelyn Uribe, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

Postgraduate Year 1

Kristin Darwin, M.D.

Kristin Darwin, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

I chose to stay at Hopkins for GYN/OB residency because it feels like a family. Hopkins' program has excellent mentorship, academic rigor, and is part of a community of physicians who care deeply about their patients. The residents are also kind, skilled, and overall great role models. I know that the program will give me the training I need to be a good doctor for my patients and to be successful wherever my career takes me. 

Renee Franklin, M.D.

Renee Franklin, MD

Medical School: Mercer

I chose Hopkins because of the culture of learning that is so evident throughout the hospital. I knew Hopkins would be a place where I would be challenged and pushed to be the best physician I can be. In addition, the opportunities Hopkins affords you cannot be overstated. Also, the people are wonderful and created such a familial environment during my away rotation. For all of this, I knew Hopkins was the place I wanted to be.

Anja Frost, M.D.

Anja Frost, MD

Medical School: George Washington University

Aside from the outstanding reputation and legacy of Johns Hopkins, the sense of overwhelming community that I felt on my interview day was a very large factor in my choice for residency.  My hope was to train at a program that would give me excellent clinical, surgical, and research training in a community with great camaraderie, and I was thrilled to find that at this institution!

Megan Gornet, M.D.

Megan Gornet, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

I chose Hopkins because I couldn't imagine leaving this institution and the wonderful people I've met here as a medical student. I am thrilled to continue on here at JHH as a resident! 

Lauren Kucirka, M.D.

Lauren Kucirka, MD, PhD, MSc

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

I knew from my time as a medical student that Hopkins offers an incredibly collaborative and supportive environment filled with people who are passionate about research, teaching, and patient care. There is a huge diversity of clinical experiences and the senior residents seemed prepared to handle anything!  

Mandy Mahle, M.D.

Mandy Mahle, MD, PhD

Medical School: University of Maryland

I choose Hopkins because it will afforded me the opportunity to learn in an atmosphere of unequivocal patient care, while simultaneously delving into the most pressing research topics in the field. I found Hopkins to be the place where intellectual curiosity is not only appreciated, it is fostered. I can think of no better place to further my career! 

Ben Morris, M.D.

Ben Morris, MD

Medical School: University of California, San Diego

I felt inspired by the incredible atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and drive for excellence exhibited by everyone I met on my interview day. When combined with a truly supportive administration and group of co-residents, I was convinced that I wanted to come here for residency.

Melissa Pritchard, M.D.

Melissa Pritchard, MD

Medical School: Boston University

Hopkins has mastered blending cutting-edge medicine and amazing research with a true mission of service - those were the two most important things to me in a residency program. I also loved the vibe I got from the residents and faculty on my interview day! 

Brittany Schuh, M.D.

Brittany Schuh, MD

Medical School: University of Maryland

I am thrilled to be training at JHU for my OB/GYN residency! I am excited to be in a program that provides incredible clinical, research, and mentor opportunities serving the diverse patient population in Baltimore. I grew up in Maryland and have lived in Baltimore for the past 4 years, and I am looking forward to continue living and working here!