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Gynecology & Obstetrics

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Our Current Residents

Postgraduate Year 4 (Class of 2017)
Postgraduate Year 3 (Class of 2018)
Postgraduate Year 2 (Class of 2019)
Postgraduate Year 1 (Class of 2020)

Postgraduate Year 4

Rebecca Adami, M.D.

Rebecca Adami, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Diana Cholakian, M.D.

Diana Cholakian, MD

Medical School: University of California Irvine

Christina Cordeiro, M.D.

Christina Cordeiro, MD

Medical School: Cornell University

Meghana Desale, M.D.

Meghana Desale, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Jocelyn Fitzgerald, M.D.

Jocelyn Fitzgerald, MD

Medical School: University of Pittsburgh

Sicily Garvin, M.D.

Sicily Garvin, MD

Medical School: Morehouse School of Medicine

Melissa Lippitt, M.D.

Melissa Lippitt, MD

Medical School: Northwestern University

Shriddha Nayak, M.D.

Shriddha Nayak, MD

Medical School: University of Pittsburgh

Amanda Ramos, M.D.

Amanda Ramos, MD

Medical School: Mayo Medical School

Postgraduate Year 3

Nicole Albino, M.D.

Nicole Albino, MD

Medical School: University of Connecticut

Samantha de los Reyes, M.D.

Samantha de los Reyes, MD

Medical School: Pennsylvania State University

Marielle Gross, M.D.

Marielle Gross, MD, MA

Medical School: University of Florida

Esther Han, M.D.

Esther Han, MD, MPH

Medical School: Boston University

Lea Moukarzel, M.D.

Lea Moukarzel, MD

Medical School: Jefferson Medical School

Elizabeth Oler, M.D.

Elizabeth Oler, MD

Medical School: Georgetown

Stacy Sun, M.D.

Stacy Sun, MD

Medical School: Tulane University

Orlando Valle, M.D.

Orlando Valle, MD

Medical School: Howard University

Harold Wu, M.D.

Harold Wu, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Postgraduate Year 2

Jeff Federspiel, M.D.

Jeff Federspiel, MD, PhD

Medical School: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Braxton Forde, M.D.

Braxton Forde, MD

Medical School: Ohio State

Kate Fritton, M.D.

Kate Fritton, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson

Marlena Halstead, M.D.

Marlena Halstead, MD

Medical School: University of Virginia

Morgan Mandigo, M.D.

Morgan Mandigo, MD, MSc

Medical School: University of Miami

Marla Scott, M.D.

Marla Scott, MD

Medical School: University of Toledo

Malorie Snider, M.D.

Malorie Snider, MD

Medical School: University of Pennsylvania

Sunitha Suresh, M.D.

Sunitha Suresh, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Lauren Thomaier, M.D.

Lauren Thomaier, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Postgraduate Year 1
Ana Angarita, M.D.

Ana Angarita, MD

Medical School: Universidad Industrial de Santander Escuela de Medicina

Danielle Chau, M.D.

Danielle Chau, MD

Medical School: Brown University

Edward Kim, M.D.

Edward Kim, MD, MPH

Medical School: University of Michigan

Meghan McMahon, M.D.

Meghan McMahon, MD

Medical School: West Virginia University

Victoire Ndong, M.D.

Victoire Ndong, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

Isa Ryan, M.D.

Isa Ryan, MD

Medical School: Vanderbilt University

Anna Jo Smith, M.D.

Anna Jo Smith, MD, MPH, MSc

Medical School: Harvard

Sandy Truong, M.D.

Sandy Truong, MD

Medical School: Harvard

Katelyn Uribe, M.D.

Katelyn Uribe, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University