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Responsibilities and Activities of Fellows

Progressive Responsibility:

The fellow will be given progressively more responsibility throughout the Fellowship within the limitations imposed by the fellow's own capacities and skills and the reality of a 100% private patient (no so called "teaching" or "clinic" patients) service as has been described above. The Fellowship is not structured with a built in "hierarchy" of responsibility. However, to a certain extent, such a hierarchy is implied by the inherent surgical inexperience of fellows in their first and early second year. Fellows in the latter half of their second and throughout the third year will be performing a greater part of the more complex surgeries and will, in many instances be the principal surgeon. There is no formal progression in responsibility of the fellows as regards their pivotal role as Leader of the Inpatient Care Team: this responsibility is the same the first month as it will be the last month that the fellow is on service. However, the amount of micro-management that the AoW/AoR performs will become less as the fellow proves him/herself skillful in inpatient care.

Teaching of Residents and Students:

Serving as a resident or student educator is not a primary responsibility of the fellow. These obligations are predominantly the responsibility of the attending faculty members. However, because the fellow is the Inpatient Team Leader, it is anticipated and expected that the fellow will serve as a teacher of inpatient management skills for the Residents and Externs (medical students) on the Service as well as impart basic Gynecologic Oncology knowledge. The Fellow will not be presenting medical student or resident lectures.

Benign Gynecology:

The fellow will not be participating in the care of patients with Benign Gynecologic Diseases except those that are admitted by the Gynecologic Oncology Attendings of the Kelly Service at JHMI or the Gynecologic Oncology Service at GBMC. The fellows will not be taking either Benign Gynecology Service or Obstetrics Service Attending Call (either in the hospital or out), will not be staffing clinics or consultation suites, and will be explicitly forbidden from performing similar functions while "moonlighting".

Lectures, Etc:

As stated above, the fellows will not be giving medical student or resident lectures. The fellow will also not be giving lectures in either Institutional or Industry supported and/or sponsored CME meetings/courses.