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Welcome to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Graduate Programs


Professional Development Office (PDO)

Donna Vogel, M.D., Ph.D.

Derek Haseltine, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator

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The central mission of the Professional Development Office is to support the career development of graduate and postgraduate students throughout the JHMI. Clearly, the student body that this office seeks to serve is extremely large, and the career paths chosen by these students are likely to be diverse. The career paths of all our trainees can be enriched by participation in activities that promote collaborative efforts across departments and institutions. The activities and training provided by the Professional Development Office are intended to provide students with knowledge and experiences that are key to successful academic as well as nonacademic careers. Towards that goal, we propose to provide training in basic research skills, such as grant writing and communication, with experiences that link academic research with research in other settings, such as internships in industry, government, or national laboratories. The Professional Development Office will organize workshops, which include the following:

  • Managing an Effective Job Search
  • Career Alternatives for Scientists
  • Effective Interviewing

In addition, Career Fairs will be organized. The purpose for this combined training is to provide JHMI graduate and postgraduate students with the knowledge, training, and experiences they need to assume leadership positions in their future careers.