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Forty-eight percent of older adults have three or more chronic conditions, and the number of older adults with multiple chronic conditions will continue to increase dramatically. Multimorbidity independently predicts adverse outcomes, including quality of life, mortality, disability, and complications of treatment beyond the effects of the individual conditions. Currently, there is a significant gap in our understanding of how best to provide care for patients with multimorbidity.

Research focus

In recent work, Johns Hopkins researchers, led by Dr. Cynthia Boyd, have shown that implementing multiple single-disease clinical practice guidelines in older adults with multimorbidity may result in polypharmacy and nonadherence, both of which detrimentally influence patient safety and clinical outcomes. Additional work has demonstrated how the entire process of clinical practice guideline development will need to be modified in order to develop appropriate clinical practice guidelines for patients with multimorbidity.

Current research studies

  • Treatment burden in multimorbidity
  • Development of clinical practice guidelines for patients with multimorbidity
  • Clinical preventive services for patients with multimorbidity
  • Patterns of multimorbidity
  • Performance measurement for patients with multiple chronic conditions
  • Methodological approaches to assess the balance of benefits and harms

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John Bridges, PhD
Sydney Dy, MD, MSc
David Kent
Milo Puhan, MD, PhD
Cynthia Rand, PhD
Jodi Segal, MD, MPH
Sonal Singh, MD, MPH
Tom Trikalinos
Katrin Uhlig, MD, MS
Ravi Varadhan, PhD
Carlos Weiss
Jennifer Wolff, PhD
Qian-li Xue, PhD

Faculty investigators

Cynthia Boyd, MD, MPH
Bruce Leff, MD
Matthew McNabney, MD


Erin Giovannetti


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