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ABOUT US - What is the GEC?

What is the JHGECC?
The Johns Hopkins Geriatric Education Center Consortium (JHGECC), formed in 2002, is an educational initiative of the Division of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology of the Department of Medicine of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 

The center is located on the campus of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.  The Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Public Health Service fund it as part of the national program entitled "Geriatric Education Centers (GECS)".

There are more than 40 geriatric education centers in the United States.  The purpose of the JHGECC is to help disseminate geriatric-oriented medical education for health professionals working primarily in eastern Maryland.

Professional disciplines targeted by this initiative: 

  • nursing
  • health care administration
  • medicine
  • physician assistants

In Maryland, challenges remain to assure the health and well being of older adults.  These challenges include a dramatic rise in the number of people over age 65, diverse medical needs of this population and a lack of physicians who are formally trained in geriatrics.

Our Mission
The mission of the Johns Hopkins Geriatric Education Center Consortium is to provide geriatric educational programs to health professionals in Maryland.

Specific Goals

  1. Improve access to quality health care through appropriate preparation, composition and distribution of the health professions workforce.
  2. Improve access to a diverse and culturally competent and sensitive health professions workforce.

Educational Offerings

  • Small group tutorials on targeted geriatrics topics, lasting 1/2 day to 5 days at Johns Hopkins, specifically designed for trainees, practitioners and educators.
  • Large multidisciplinary symposia will be offered annually in Baltimore.
  • A 8 week summer geriatrics practicum in Baltimore for students in medicine and nursing.
  • Educational programs conducted by JHGECC faculty using curricula tailored to the health care professional and provided at the requesting institution in eastern Maryland.
  • Curricula and instructional materials, as they are developed, will be available to other geriatric educators.

The JHGEC office serves as a point-of-contrat for information on all of these programs and is open to receive requests for educational program needs from health professionals and health care institutions in eastern Maryland.  (Contact information