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FAQs About Appointments at the Infusion Center

How do I set up an appointment?
Call the Green Spring Station clinic supervisor at 410-616-7361 to set up your appointment.

Will my insurance cover an infusion at Green Spring Station?
The staff at Green Spring Station will verify your insurance and benefits coverage. Once you have been approved to start treatment, someone on the staff will notify you. If you have other questions about insurance, please call the Green Spring Station office at 410-616-7361.

Can I receive an infusion at Green Spring Station if my doctor doesn't work at Johns Hopkins?
Yes, the infusion center accepts patients with doctors who do not work at Johns Hopkins.

How long does an infusion take?
Generally, the infusion takes about two hours, followed by a 30-minute observation period before you are discharged.

What if I have an infection before my infliximab infusion?
If you have an infection in the two weeks prior to your infusion appointment, you should notify your doctor and call the infusion center at 410-616-7350.

Where do I go to get a tuberculosis test (PDD)?
You can go to your doctor’s office or come to Green Spring Station for the test. It has to be done before your first infusion appointment. Keep in mind that once the test is done, it takes two days before the results can be read.

What are your hours of operation?
The infusion center is open for appointments Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Please call for evening and weekend hours.

Who will administer my infusion?
A registered nurse from Johns Hopkins Hospital will administer your infusion.

Is there any special preparation or anything that I need to bring to my infusion?
You don’t have to do anything before coming for your appointment. Bring your insurance card and wear comfortable clothes for the appointment.


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