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Liansheng Liu, M.D.

Research Associate


Phone number:  410-955-8608 

Research interests: Visceral hyperalgesia
Clinical interests: Functional gastrointestinal disorders and chronic pancreatitis

Schools\degrees:  M.D., Third Medical University, Chongqing, PR.China
Training: Neuroscience, Third Medical University, Chongqing, PR China

Research summary

Dr. Liu is interested in understanding the mechanisms of visceral hyperalgesia in functional dyspepsia (FD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and chronic pancreatitis; 1) how visceral disturbances in early life can result in persistent behavioral and emotional abnormalities; 2) how the specific peripheral and central afferents that is sensitized and lead to chronic visceral hypersensitivity; 3) the role of descending from the brain to the spinal cord or gut in visceral hyperalgesia. 4) explore novel approaches of pharmacological treatments for different animal model of functional gastrointestinal disorders and chronic pancreatitis. 

Journal citations  

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  5. Zhu Y, Colak T, Shenoy M, Liu L, Mehta K, Pai R, Zou B, Xie XS, Pasricha PJ. Transforming growth factor beta induces sensory neuronal hyperexcitability, and contributes to pancreatic pain and hyperalgesia in rats with chronic pancreatitis. Mol Pain. 2012 Sep 11;8:65.
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