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Billing Policies and Fees

User Responsibility

The Ross Flow Core re-opened in Sep. 2012.

Every user needs to submit updated billing information, and have a policy orientation.  Expired account information may result in loss you privilege of using core service.

Non-Johns Hopkins users should contact the Flow Core to request billing information.

Fees for Johns Hopkins Users 






Aria II Sorter

 $120/hr + $80 setup

Calibur/LSR II Training


FlowJo Workstation

 Free to Ross Flow Core Users

FACSDiva Workstation

 Free to Ross Flow Core Users

CellQuest Workstation

 Free to Ross Flow Core Users

Panel Design

 Free to Ross Flow Core Users

Sorting Consultation

 Free to Ross Flow Core Users

User will be billed the maximum of either time reserved or actually used on the instrument, rounded up to the nearest half hour.


Analyzers, including FACSCalibur and LSRII, are self-analysis instruments. Staff assistance can be requested by appointment with additional fee.


Instrument training is a requirement before anyone is able to independently work on the LSR-II and/or FACSCalibur.  Training session includes instruction on the operation of the instrument and the use of the software (FACSDiva or CellQuest).


Consultation for multi-color panel design and other flow cytometry questions are limited to our core users only.

Cancellation and Modification

Reservations must be canceled or modified 24 hours before the time scheduled. Failure to cancel will result in charges for the full time reserved. If cancellation is after the 24 hour cutoff, the user will still be billed.

Late Arrivals

Late arrivals interfere with subsequently scheduled activity; the user will be billed from the start of the time reserved to the actual finish time. The next user scheduled after a late arrival user has the right to start at their scheduled start time. The late arrival user should make provisions to rebook an open time slot.

Data Storage 

All data from all Cytometers (analyzers and Sorters) are removed weekly. We will not be responsible for storing any flow cytometry data or data generated on offline workstations.