Tonya A. Penkrot

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E-Mail: TPENKRO1(at)
Phone: 443-287-3902

1830 E. Monument St., Room 303
Baltimore, MD 21205 USA

  • Education:

  • B. S., Biology, University of Pittsburgh, 2000
    Certificate degree, German, University of Pittsburgh, 2000

  • Research Focuses:
  • mammalian functional morphology and phylogeny
    ecomorphology of fossil chiropteran wing proportions
    postcranial functional morphology and phylogenetic position of recent and fossil Macroscelidea
    dental ecomorphology of Paleocene and Eocene "Condylarthra"

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  • Publications and Abstracts:
  • Penkrot, T.A., S.P. Zack, K.D. Rose, and J.I. Bloch. 2008. Postcranial morphology of Apheliscus and Haplomylus (Condylarthra, Apheliscidae): Evidence for a Paleocene Holarctic origin of Macroscelidea; pp. 73-106 In: Mammalian Evolutionary Morphology: A Tribute to Frederick S. Szalay (E. Sargis and M. Dagosto, eds.), Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

    Zack, S., T.A. Penkrot, J.I. Bloch, and K.D. Rose. 2005. Affinities of 'hyopsodontids' to elephant shrews and a Holarctic origin of Afrotheria. Nature 434: 497-501. (view from Nature site)

    Penkrot, T. A., Zack, S. P., and Strait, S. G. 2004. New postcrania of Macrocranion (Eutheria: Amphilemuridae) from the early Eocene, Bighorn Basin, WY. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 24 (suppl. to 3): 101A. (podium presentation)

    Penkrot, T. A., Zack, S. P., Rose, K. D., and Bloch, J. I. 2003. Postcrania of early Eocene Apheliscus and Haplomylus (Mammalia: "Condylarthra"). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 23 (suppl. to 3): 86A. (podium presentation)

    Wiens, J. J., and Penkrot, T. A. 2002. Delimiting species using DNA and morphological variation and discordant species limits in spiny lizards (genus Sceloporus). Systematic Biology 51: 69-91.

  • Faculty Advisors:
  • Dr. Mark Teaford and Dr. Kenneth Rose

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