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  • pQCT (Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography) scanner. Contact Dr. Christopher Ruff.
  • Portable x-ray machine and digital sensor: Contact Dr. Christopher Ruff.
  • Portable NextEngine 3D surface scanner: Contact Dr. David Weishampel.
  • Fossil preparation equipment. Contact Dr. Kenneth Rose.
  • Digitizers and scanners
  • Digital photography
  • Photographic stands
  • Microscopes (access to transmission electron, reflex, dissecting, conventional optical)
  • PC and Macintosh computers
  • Radiographic equipment (CT, MRI, X-Ray) through JHMI Department of Radiology



  • Human skeletal materials and hominin fossil casts. Contact Dr. Christopher Ruff.
  • Mammalian fossils and skeletal remains of modern taxa. Contact Dr. Kenneth Rose.
  • Dinosaur fossils and reconstructions; non-mammalian fossils. Contact Dr. David Weishampel.

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