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Welcome to the web site of the Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The primary research focus of the Center is the exploration of relationships among the functional anatomy, behavior, and evolutionary biology of extant and extinct vertebrates. The Center provides an exceptional opportunity for graduate students to study and conduct original research in evolutionary organismal biology (see the Program page). Training in the teaching of human anatomy is also an important part of our program. Fieldwork opportunities in Costa Rica and Wyoming are available (see individual faculty pages for more information on these).

The department also houses a large collection of fossil vertebrates and various research facilities (see the Resources page for more details).

Our Center is responsible for the delivery of the School of Medicine Anatomy course as part of the MD program. Additionally, we offer a Summer Institute in Anatomy for other students both inside and outside the Johns Hopkins Community.

More information on the graduate program, specific faculty interests, and resources is available through the links on this and other pages.

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