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Center for Functional Anatomy

and Evolution

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The Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution offers a five year PhD program in evolutionary and organismal biology, with a strong emphasis on function. The Center delivers the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Human Gross Anatomy curriculum.


The Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Our research focus is the exploration of relationships among functional anatomy, behavior and evolutionary biology of extant and extinct vertebrates. The Center provides an exceptional opportunity for graduate students to study and conduct original research in evolutionary organismal biology, both in laboratory settings and in the field.

Our teaching focus is primarily directed at human anatomy. The Center is responsible for delivering the School of Medicine Gross Anatomy curriculum, an essential part of the requirements for the MD degree. We also offer a Summer Institute in Anatomy, offered to students both in and outside of the Johns Hopkins community. Additionally, our faculty offer courses in organismal biology to Johns Hopkins undergraduates.

The department also houses a large collection of fossil vertebrates and various research facilities.

Latest news from the Center

Functional Anatomy and Evolution at SVP

Paleontologists from around the world gathered this month at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Dallas, Texas. At least twenty-three former members of the FAE were present, including former students, post-docs and faculty. Current students gave four posters and two talks at the meeting. Pictured (L-R) Larry Witmer, Mike Habib, Carol Ward, Mary Silcox, Dave Weishampel, Rachel Dunn, François Gould, Heather Ahrens, Amy Chew, Tony Harper, Heather Kristjanson, Katrina Jones, Ken Rose, Tonya Penkrot, Shawn Zack.

Posted: October 2015