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Santa Cruz Formation, Patagonia


I am involved in a yearly field project to recover Miocene mammals from localities of the Santa Cruz Formation of Patagonia. This project is in collaboration with Duke University (U.S.A.) and Museo de La Plata (Argentina) paleontologists. This project has yielded numerous well-preserved specimens of fossil mammals, including primates.
 Using a rock saw to extract a humerus of Homunculus patagonicus from beach sediment. Puesto Estancia La Costa, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. (taken in 2004 by Richard Kay).
2007 field crew, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Left to right: Leonel Acosta, Susana Bargo, Sergio Vizcaino, Juan Carlos Fernicola, Nestor Toledo, Francisco Prevosti, Lucas Pomi. (taken in 2007 by Jonathan Perry).

Let's have some mate. Santa Cruz, Argentina, 2004. Left to right: Richard Kay, Adan Tauber, Sergio Vizcaino, Juan Jose Molly (taken in 2003 by Jonathan Perry).
Richard Madden and Francisco Prevosti pointing out
the face of a Miocene primate. Puesto Estancia La Costa, Argentina
(taken in 2007 by Jonathan Perry).
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