Michael P. Yashinski

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E-Mail: MYASHINSKI(at)jhmi.edu
Phone: 443-287-3904

1830 E. Monument St., Room 306
Baltimore, MD 21205 USA

  • Education:

  • B.A., Biology/Geosciences, Franklin and Marshall College, 2004

  • Research Focuses:
  • patterns of biologic complexity over time using teeth and jaws of archosaurs as a model
    functional morphology of archosaurs and Mesozoic reptiles

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  • Curriculum Vitae:
  • Available upon REQUEST

  • Publications and Abstracts:
  • Yashinski, M.P. 2007. Cross-sectional properties of artiodactyl mandibles and relationship to diet. The FASEB Journal 21:A601-A602.

    Unterman, M.B., Yashinski, M. P. and Thomas, R.D.K. 2004. Simple metrics characterize tooth form and evolution of its complexity over time at two levels of analysis in the jaw apparatuses of conodonts and archosaurs. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 36, No. 2, p. 111.

  • Faculty Advisor:
  • Dr. David Weishampel

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