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Calculating Moments

MomentMacro was originally written for use with NIH Image on a Macintosh platform and calculates second moments of area and related values for two-dimensional objects, including cross-sections. This version is still available, though may not work on more recent (OS X or higher) Macintosh operating systems. MomentMacroJ was modified to run with ImageJ, which operates on PC or Mac platforms.

MomentMacro - written for NIH Image on a Mac platform:

DOWNLOAD (right-click and choose "save target" or "save as...")
NIH Image web site

MomentMacroJ v1.4 - written for ImageJ on both PC and Mac platforms. Please note that the Mac version has two known problems. Under the "macro" pull-down menu, two "Moment Calculation" commands appear; use the top "Moment Calculation." Mac users will also encounter error statements when running the calculations for the first time. Re-run the same cross-section a second time, and the macro will function properly. All subsequent analyses will run without error. We are currently working to resolve these problems:

DOWNLOAD (right-click and choose "save target" or "save as...")
ImageJ web site

A previous version of MomentMacro written to run with Scion Image is no longer supported, and use of that macro is strongly discouraged.

An object with known characters is also provided here (a TIF formatted image of a washer, scale = 12.2 pixels/mm), and can be used to validate individual use of MOMENTMACRO:

washer.tif (right-click and choose "save target" or "save as...")
washer properties (Microsoft Excel file) (right-click and choose "save target" or "save as...")

**Note: If MOMENTMACRO is saved as a "text file with line breaks," the macro may not run. The line breaks insert carriage returns into the longer lines of code and must be deleted.

MOMENTMACRO is provided for free download by Dr. Christopher Ruff (contact by e-mail).