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E-Mail: KJONE108(at)jhmi.edu
Phone: 443-287-3903

1830 E. Monument St., Room 305
Baltimore, MD 21205 USA

  • Education:

  • PhD Advisor: Kenneth D. Rose
    Thesis Title: Allometry of the thoracolumber region in running mammals.

    MSci, Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge (UK), 2008
    BA, Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences), University of Cambridge (UK), 2007

  • Research Focuses:
  • My research aims to understand the adaptation of complex anatomical traits in the mammal skeleton. I am fascinated by the interaction of behavior, size and phylogenetic history during morphological evolution. To answer these fundamental questions I use geometric morphometrics to measure the complex 3D structure of mammal bones.

    My PhD thesis examines the influence of body size on the vertebral column. Increasing body size through evolution has mechanical impacts on the post-cranial skeleton and is well studied in mammal limbs. Despite this, little is known about adaptation of the spine to increasing size. My work tests the hypothesis of vertebral allometry in three independent groups with different spinal use during locomotion. I am also collaborating with developmental lab to investigate how post-natal growth can generate adaptive variation in different regions of the spine. Previous work has examined aquatic adaptations of the Carnivora by testing the influence of feeding, reproduction and phylogeny on the shape of the cranium and jaw in pinnipeds. Another project investigated evolution of the premolar dentition in two groups of Eocene primates related to body size changes.

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  • Publications and Abstracts:

    Jones, K. E., and German, R. Z. 2014. Ontogenetic allometry of the thoracolumbar spine during post-natal growth. Evolution and Development. 16 (2): 110-120.

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    Jones, K. E.and Goswami, A. 2008. Morphometric analysis of cranial morphology in Pinnipeds (Mammalia: Carnivora): Disparity, dimorphism, ecology and ontogeny.. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. 28(supplement to 3):97A. (Poster) (view the abstract through the JVP website)

  • Faculty Advisor:
  • Kenneth Rose

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