Georgina McKusick Voegele

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E-Mail: GINA(at)
Phone: 443-287-3903

1830 E. Monument St., Room 305
Baltimore, MD 21205 USA

  • Education:

  • B.A., Anthropology, University of Chicago, 2003

  • Research Focuses:
  • The anatomy and evolution of Afrotheria, particularly Tubulidentata -- Orycteropus afer
    Comparative mammalian anatomy
    Mammalian evolution in the Paleocene and Eocene: fieldwork in Wyoming, Egypt, and India
    Paleoanthropology and paleoecology in the Plio-Pleistocene: fieldwork in Tanzania
    Dwarfism and other body size changes in mammals

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  • Curriculum Vitae:
  • Available upon REQUEST

  • Publications and Abstracts:
  • McKusick, G. 2009. Forelimb anatomy of the aardvark, Orycteropus afer, (Mammalia, Tubulidentata). FASEB JOURNAL 825.6

    McKusick, G. and Teaford, M. 2007. Premolar microwear of three New World monkeys: Cebus apella, Pithecia pithecia, and Ateles belzebuth. Amer. J. Phys. Anthropol. 132 (S44): 110.
  • Faculty Advisor:
  • Kenneth Rose

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