Adam D. Sylvester

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E-Mail: ASYLVES4(at)
Phone: 443-287-3902

1830 E. Monument St., Room 303
Baltimore, MD 21205 USA

  • Education:

  • Ph.D., Anthropology, The University of Tennessee, 2006.
    M.A., Anthropology, The University of Tennessee, 2000
    B.S., Zoology, The University of Tennessee, 1996

  • Research Focuses:
  • Dissertation Research (Ph.D.): The Decoupling Hypothesis: A new theory for the origin of hominid bipedalism

    Current research:
    biomechanics of locomotion
    origin of hominid bipedalism
    locomotor energetics
    shape analysis of primate postcrania

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  • Curriculum vitae

  • Publications and Abstracts:
  • Sylvester AD, Merkl BC, Mahfouz MR. (In press). Reconstructing the AL 288-1 femur using three-dimensional computer models. Journal of Human Evolution.

    Sylvester AD, Kramer PA, Jungers WL. (In press). Human long bone allometry and the requirements of the Froude Number. Submitted: American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

    Sylvester AD, Kramer PA. (2008). Stand and Shuffle: When does it make energetic sense. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 135: 484-488.

    Christensen AM, Sylvester AD. (2008). Physical matches in bones, shells and teeth: A validation study. Journal of Forensic Sciences 53:694-698.

    Sylvester AD. 2006. Locomotor decoupling and the origin of hominin bipedalism. Journal of Theoretical Biology 242(3) 581-590.

    Sylvester AD, Christensen AM, Kramer PA. 2006. Factors influencing osteological changes in the hands and fingers of recreational rock climbers. Journal of Anatomy 209(5) 597-610.

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